Social Work Reflective Report

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Through the educational experiences I receive from the MSW program I plan to contribute a professional, eager, and hardworking student in pursuit of a higher education. The educational experiences I received through my BSW program opened me up the scope of social work and provided me with the basic needs of a generalist social worker practicing in any field. The program was very student-centered to all my educational needs and this trait passed through me as I became engaged in an active community. I too made sure that each client and their problem were the center of my focus. When I started practicing my skills, through a field placement, my goal was to make people aware of a social and/or economic problem that deserved some type of justice.…show more content…
As I provided direct care to residents, I used active listening by attentively gearing myself towards non-verbal behaviors of the residents. I empathized with residents who became frustrated due to their inabilities to complete certain tasks. I found myself redirecting their anger and providing a stimulating environment, where they could mirror my actions as I provided visual step-by step instructions. It gave me a opportunity to observe behavior in its natural environment and determine the purpose of any negative behavior, due to an person, event, or object out of the norm. I contribute a well-rounded student able to combine a science perspective with a clinical perspective in social work. Currently I work in a treatment foster care agency. Although I am not a social at this facility, I feel as though it is preparing me to work with diverse clients. As I am in contact with all clients regularly, I think it is important to have a respectable and professional decorum. The way I write, the way I talk, and the way I dress are very important in the office setting and in public because this represents myself as well as my employer. I contribute professionalism in all aspects as I learn new and advanced
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