Social Work Strengths

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Please describe what you believe are your academic and personal strengths as a potential social worker. My academic strengths as a potential social worker are listening, organizing, and critical thinking skills. For a social worker is important to listen to others, and understand where each person is coming from. It is important to understand each client’s situation. An organized person can get more things done in a shorter time. To keep myself organized, I always use a calendar to keep myself on track. I set a specific time for each task, so it can be done before time. As a social worker it is important to have everything organized, since a social worker do not have a set schedule; it is important to know how to use a calendar. Critical thinking is an important part in a social worker career. A social worker has to be able to analyze each situation and observe beyond what it is shown. I have experienced in critical thinking, to see the bigger picture and not only what is shown to the public. All this qualities for academic strengths as a potential social worker are important. My personal strengths as a potential social worker are open mind, curious, believe in equality, and not a rancor person. I respect others point of view; I try to understand the way they do certain tasks and respect them. I try to understand where people come from. I am a curious person, I always try to find new ways to do the same thing. Part of being brave is to have courage and security to try new

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