Social Worker Interview Skills

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Interviewing skills is one of the most crucial characteristics for a social service worker. This initial encounter with the client establishes the foundation of social service needs to be provided. Utilizing the proper interview techniques is a key factor in gaining the information needed to best assist the client’s needs.
Prior to the interview I was feeling very nervous and anxiety began to build up inside. I was quite surprised at how uncomfortable I was feeling about the interview.
What connection do you have to the person you interviewed? How did you determine who to interview?
Time was nearing for my daughter to be released from the hospital without her newborn son. Challenges for the care of her other two children became a concern.
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After gaining her approval I asked her to introduce the idea of helping me do an interview. The University of Pennsylvania Medicine is a teaching hospital so I was confident that was not an unreasonable request. Social work involves a lot of HIPPA laws. At times there is a conflict of interest when things involve family of anyone of familiarity. The social worker agreed to do the interview once a got additional approval from my instructor. I sent her an email to set up an appointment (at first this was scheduled as a phone interview). This was rescheduled for a later time at the…show more content…
No, none of the questions I asked were more uncomfortable then others. While it may seem strange to mention, ever since I took my Human Sexuality class there really has not been many uncomfortable questions for me to ask others.
Did you feel comfortable deviating from the scripted questions when appropriate?
As the interview moved along, I became more comfortable doing the interview. Whenever the circumstance presented itself, I took the opportunity to ask or learn additional information.
How would you rate your interview skills-what did you do well and what do you think you need to work on?
Overall, I think the interview went well. I was glad I had gathered questions prior to the interview. I do need to work on being more comfortable at the beginning of the interview. If the interviewee discern any form of tension or stress from the interviewer this is not good. The results in the answers may be flawed. The interviewer sets the tone of the interview.
If you had the chance to do the interview again, would you change

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