Social Worker Personal Statement Essay

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Day Ku Hser
Personal Statement I interest in social worker because i think this job will helpful for people when need help like apply for food stamp,don’t know english and new to country. This year I will finish my high school and get my diploma. I will do this by work hard, do all my homework get my class with all A’s. I also will improves my english, writing, and reading. I will improve by communicating with people. I will improve this by practicing writing everyday at home and use stronger vocab words in it, I will improve reading by getting books from library or buying in the books store all them and I will defined the words that I don’t know and take notes. After I finish with this I will get job and make all money to help my
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I chose teaching as giving back to my community because mostly my people are Non-English Speaker, so I would like to help with speaking, writing, and reading in English. Fundraise as a team is a great choice to give back to my community because mostly my community are from Refugee’s Camp and they can’t afford all the things so with help with fundraising it will definitely help it to solve the needings and also financial issues because my people wouldn’t have to spend their cash but they will spend cash that are more significant that are needed for them. Volunteer is a great thing to do because volunteering helps the community by enabling non-profit organizations to provide food, shelter and services for the less fortunate. Finally, disaster relief is a big help to the community because your community will need help with restoring that’s when your community really need your involvement in the issues. How I will fulfill the needs of my community after I complete all my education is restoring basic community services, a damage and needs assessment, and organize community teams that can help do basic rehabilitation tasks. How my plan will impact my community is able to function as a communities, solving crises easier when all the community are here to collaborate. I hope you will give me this chance to reach my
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