Essay On Social Work And Policymaking

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Social work and social policy should not be distinct from each other. Social worker, as a professional in the field of human services concerning with the well-being of all members of society by its nature and professional ethics (Segal, 2010, p.3), is working within the social welfare system and with those served by the system (Ambrosino, 2012, P.4). Therefore, it is crucial to have social work practitioners engage in policymaking process in different roles and position.

A very crucial role of social workers in policymaking is researching. Although it is government’s policymakers to make social policies, they cannot solely rely on their professional intuition on what they feel people need. Any good planning and policymaking requires concrete
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By evaluating the original goals and the results or outcomes of a program or a policy, it is useful in assisting and influencing the government in future policy making and planning. There has been quite a lot of different organization involve in policy initiation and formulation within the social welfare sector. For example, Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) is recognized by the government to be the representative in coordinating NGOs’ policy feedback to the government, Hong Kong Social Workers Association (SWA) and Hong Kong Social Workers General Union (SWGU) conduct quite a lot of policy critique. Evaluations of social workers’ empirical observations such as numbers, specific case examples and cost-benefit ratios is what policymakers exactly need to make sound policymaking decisions (McInnis-Dittrich, 1994, P.115). Continuing with the example of Professor Nelson Chow’s research report with recommendations on retirement protection commissioned by the government, Professor Chow researched and evaluated the current policies on old-age poverty and retirement protection systems in other countries and regions. As an experienced social worker, he clearly understands what needs to be changed for retirement protection policies and could then give recommendations to the
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