Social Workers And Social Policy: The Role Of Social Work

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Social work and social policy should not be distinct from each other. Social worker, as a professional in the field of human services concerning with the well-being of all members of society by its nature and professional ethics (Segal, 2010, p.3), is working within the social welfare system and with those served by the system (Ambrosino, 2012, P.4). Therefore, it is crucial to have social work practitioners engage in policymaking process in different roles and position.

A very crucial role of social workers in policymaking is researching. Although it is government’s policymakers to make social policies, they cannot solely rely on their professional intuition on what they feel people need. Any good planning and policymaking requires concrete statistical documentation about the extent of the need for services (McInnis-Dittrich, 1994, P.100). The best resource in policymaking process is information, and while social workers are working at the frontier of direct social services, they always know best about a social problem. The work as the role of researcher of social worker includes needs assessments, defining the problem and setting goals and identifying resources and obstacles (McInnis-Dittrich, 1994, P.103). For example, Emeritus Professor Nelson Chow of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at HKU was appointed to conduct a research report on retirement protection by the government. This is an example of the government commissioning experienced social

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