Socialism In America

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The United States of America has always been known for its capitalistic culture. For the longest time, the words, “capitalism” and “America” would go hand in hand. Citizens used to be proud of the American culture. If one was against capitalism than they would be ostracized from society. The idea of socialism was always controversial. Many people in the mid 1900s felt that socialism and communism were the same ideologies. Citizens of the United States felt that socialism and communism were evil. Today, that is not the case. Socialism has spread throughout Europe and some believe that it has made Europe flourish. Now, many want to bring socialism to the United States. As each election passes, socialistic ideas are slowly being introduced.…show more content…
It would promote equality and solve the income inequality problem in the U.S. Socialism would transfer power from the rich and privileged to the poor and hardworking. There are two main reasons why people think socialism would be beneficial for the future of our country. One being that socialism in America is inevitable, and the second being that many countries that are well off are practicing socialism.

Many feel, in the United States, we already have several institutions and practices put in place that are qualities of a socialistic country. Three examples of these institutions are universal health care, public education, and welfare programs. Regarding universal health care, the Affordable Health Care Act is a step in the right direction to providing citizens with free health care. Again, this is a form of socialism because the government is providing for the individuals ' social and physical needs. The same goes for free public school, kindergarten through twelfth
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Neither alone will work successfully in the United States. It will be detrimental to the future of the United States if we implement solely socialistic ideas. However it will also be detrimental if we only practice capitalistic ideas and laissez faire policies because that will lead to fascism. We need to let our economy flourish with different amounts of regulation on different parts of the economy such as small businesses versus large corporations. We need to introduce legislation that will help those in need, but make sure that it does not result in a free rider problem. We must always strive for social equality and always uphold the rights of a
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