Socialism In Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged

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Similar to many other concepts in Rand’s novels, the meaning of “money” also contradicts its usage in the real world (Gordon 301). The only economic system that would work is laissez faire capitalism without rules and regulations so that ideas and mental freedom can thrive. All other systems inhibit the qualities that are needed to make society progress. Money is considered to be the root of all evil, but in Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, money is how the effort’s of an individual are measured. Rand proves this by demonstrating the downfalls of socialism as it is shown to be an economic system in which a person’s work goes to benefit the entire society rather than himself (Moore). After Hank Rearden invents Rearden Metal, the most reliable metal,…show more content…
Boyle unfairly took away Rearden’s product while Francisco d'Anconia justly obliterates the looters’ shares of his company. He gives them access to a product, his copper mining industry, that they put all of their money in because they think it will profit and then rips the rug out under them in his scheme all in the name of good. As Francisco converses with Rearden, he purposely lets a detail slip: “’But accidents do happen in the world – you know what they say, man is only a helpless plaything at the mercy of nature’s disasters. For instance, there was a fire at the d’Anconia ore docks in Valparaiso tomorrow morning, a fire that razed them to the ground along with half of the port structures. What time is it, Mr. Rearden? Oh, did I mix my tenses?’” (Rand Atlas 389). Even though he is destroying money rather than taking it away from others, he is still taking part in a wrongful activity. By scheming his investors out of the stocks they paid for, he is proving that he is no better than the evil characters (Gordon 301). d'Anconia has become an elite being who is doing exactly what Rand hates by taking control of other people’s lives and restricting their freedom in a capitalistic economy (Gordon
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