Socialism Vs. Socialism

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Socialism And capitalism; which ones better, or overall safer for the community? Ah, yes the great debate. The two are polar opposites if you think about it. Capitalism is about giving the power to the people, and letting business owners take control of economic resources, but on the other hand, socialism is about social inequality being reduced through the government. But which one is safer for the community to live in? Capitalism is overall the better choice but socialism has some benefits too. Freedom Capitalism has more freedom than socialism.That is a strong statement, I know but I can back it up. In the article Capitalism vs. socialism (N/A. “Capitalism vs Socialism.” The author makes this statement:…show more content…
Every single person in socialist countries are treated the same , e.g.“Socialists believe economic inequality is bad for society and the government is responsible for reducing it via programs that benefit the poor (e.g, free public education,free or subsidized healthcare, social security for the elderly, higher taxes on the rich).” demonstrating the fact that socialism has less poor people, the rate of poverty in most socialist countries is drastically less than capitalist countries. On the contrary, Capitalist countries still show, through graphs and data, that they have the better economy and the freedom of choice. society gets to choose if they want to be a farmer, an artist, a musician, a restaurant owner, society, the citizens, as a group, gets to choose what they want to do for a living. For instance, “All individuals make decisions for themselves.” In spite of that, socialism still pulls through and proves itself once again, did you know that socialists have a tight non discrimination policy? e.g. “The people are considered equal; laws are made when necessary to protect people from discrimination.” That proves it! Socialism is better than capitalism, because everyone is considered equal, and laws are made to keep people FROM discrimination, unlike some of america's laws, the…show more content…
I mean yeah sure, in socialism they have free health care and yeah they also have less poverty, but they do not have the freedom of choice. I think that is the reason people move to capitalists countries, isn't that the american dream? Even though socialism has some benefits capitalism has proved itself to be the better of the

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