Socialization In Organizational Culture

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Socialization. Organizational socialization is firmly tied to the concept of organizational culture. “Organizational socialization is a learning process in which newcomers are expected to acquire new knowledge and skills and be motivated to behave in accordance with an organization’s goals and objectives” (Saks and Gruman, 2014, p.264). Contrary to organizational culture, socialization has a more universally accepted definition within the literature (Lee, Oh, and Burnett, 2016; Oud, 2008; Saks and Gruman, 2011; Saks and Gruman, 2014; Taormina, 2009). While the idea of socialization is not extensively discussed in the literature on organizational culture, it is clear that there is tremendous value in paying attention to how it is executed within an organization. “Culture perpetuates and reproduces itself through the socialization of new members entering the group” (Schein, 1990, p.115). Individuals are oriented or socialized to the values, traditions, beliefs, and shared assumptions both informally and formally (Schein, 1990). The longer an organization has been in existence, the more complex the organizational culture is assumed to be, resulting in a much longer and ongoing socialization experience for the new employee (Schein, 1985). The success of the socialization process is dependent upon how engaged the individual is and the design of the process. “Organizations need to understand the kinds of changes experienced by new employees during their adjustment to the
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