Essay On Social Influences

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Socially Influenced Growing up my parents raised me with values and principles to follow throughout my life. However, society proved to be a lot more complicated than just values and principles. Society is made up of a plethora of factors that influence and shape individuals for better or for worse. Race, religion, gender, place of birth are just some of the social factors that can influence people. The 3 main factors that heavily influenced who I am today are, my race, gender, and where I was born. Everyone is responsible for deciding how each social factor shapes them. I took it upon myself to use my experiences as building blocks rather than them hindering my growth. Being a Mexican-American in this society comes with a lot off perks and adversities. In my first few years of school being Mexican-American had no effect in my social life. At school I had a diverse group of friends who made up my social circle. However as time went on, our social circle diverged into what consisted of a uni-racial circle.With media having such a major impact on people’s views and beliefs, it was more than clear that my fellow peers were driven away from what society established as different groups of people, rather than all being a…show more content…
I am very fortunate to have been born in the United States. It has allowed me to value my life and the benefits offered to me as an American Citizen. I have witnessed, what is it like for people to only know of one home but not be able to reap of the benefits that everybody is offered just because of their immigration status. Granted, I believe that the rights of American Citizens are privileges, however in many cases people of all ages have been brought to this country without a choice and are condemned to live a limited fearful and limited life. I am beyond grateful to have been born with the countless opportunities that my country has to
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