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In the assignment task centre method will be defined by how it works with service users. This will help to layout the different principles, limitations and advantages of using task centred work for the method of intervention. This were widely researched by ‘Reid and Shyne (1969)’ (Barbra Teter, 2014), the way they worked were by ‘exploring outcomes of work with two groups of families’ (Barbra Teter, 2014). When working in a task centred way we need to understand that it is used within a short term method of intervention and is unable to work on long term basis. It is used to look beyond a person life experiences and to consider the different challenges that can also oppress someone within a social system which will also impact a person life…show more content…
One of the other methods which could be used alongside this would be motivational interviewing, as a social worker it is important to explain the practically effects which could be happening when the individual clients is reluctant to take any changers or using the task centred as a lone working approach. Social workers will explain to the client that when the work starts to be collaborative then identifying the problems and goals will be the participate so that goals which are set can be met successfully. This would help the person feel like they are empowered which will give them the confidante to move forward and resolve problematic issues when they arise. (Teater, 2014) However, task centred is not always the best method which should be used as they does not always symbolise and suggest the challengers which individual clients maybe facing when they are being oppressed. When using this method it is important to understand the problems and highlight the main problematic issues which a person maybe suffering from. It is important to look at statements which may be used when working in a task centred way such as that of Marsh and Doel, (2005), which says that social workers need to be respectful of individuals needs with the problems which they face, no matter if they are in the past or the present. For example if the problem is in the past the in individual client would need to move the problem to the present so that they are able to deal with the effects of the issues within the task cantered

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