Societal Change Research Paper

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Society is an ever changing entity, much to the disappointment of some people who believe that the change that is happening to society is wrong or destructive and that the values of previous generations are superior. However, many people are not satisfied with society, and believe that societal change is beneficial and that it is an inevitability that can bring about a better society for future generations. One such aspect of societal change is the application of technology in our day-to-day lives, some believe that it is harmful, or just plain idiotic, while other see the possibilities and benefits of it. Societal change is inevitable and a society should never grow complacent in its situation, change for the better is the only just direction for a society to follow. Societal change, however controversial, is beneficial to society.…show more content…
For instance, concerns that the direction of today’s society encourages rapid destruction of the environment of the earth. While it is true that mass consumption and increase population of society are devastating to the environment, technology of the future, as well as government regulations, may be able to prevent further damage. Technology such as: solar power, nuclear energy and more fuel efficient transportation, among other things may be the key to securing a better society for future generations. Conclusively, Change is a dangerous aspect of life, but it is also the tool by which to make the future better. Civil right movements have improved the rights and freedoms of people all across the world. Technology has bestowed upon society the means to do great things such as space exploration, as well as increasing the quality of life for millions of people. Despite negative effects that change might cause, if it can be controlled, it can give society the power to create a brighter world, which is the quintessence of every society’s
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