Societal Normality In 'Hills Like White Elephants'

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Social norms and situational settings are extremely influential on a person—their interactions with others and the way they see themselves have a manipulated perception of reality. Societal normality’s can impact they way people act and can change ways of living into unethical and unpractical circumstances. The power of a situation is extremely influential on a person—beautifully demonstrated in The Stanford Prison Experiment—placing a person into a situation in which they cannot control impacts their logical way of thinking. People will change their appearances, health, and or cancel out any other forms of competition. Transforming and conforming are constantly occurring within society, even if this challenges peoples personal beliefs and…show more content…
White Elephants are symbolic for the child. The woman is conflicted, because this operation is taking away her unborn child—an apparent internal conflict. She asks the man numerous times, “"And if I do it you 'll be happy and things will be like they were and you 'll love me?" (Hemingway 3) The man is constantly reassuring his love and desire to be with her, but only her. When he speaks to the woman his manipulation of wording portrays the he’s concerned for her, but in reality he is pushing on his hidden agenda—having her go through with the operation. In the middle of their conversation he states, "if you don 't want to you don 't have to. I wouldn’t have you do it if you didn 't want to. But I know it 's perfectly simple.” (Hemingway 4). When the women attempt to show hope and talk about the beauty of bring a child into this world; the American man continues to state that the operation is simple. In the end, the women choose to stop talking with the American man about the operation, he has pleaded his case. He has stated that this unborn child is, “the only thing that bothers us. It 's the only thing that 's made us unhappy." (Hemingway 2). Thus the result, she has chosen to proceed with this operation, despite her…show more content…
These young women sacrifice their happiness and integrity to please the one they love the most. They have taken their personal beliefs and pushed them away and are conflicted on how to please their significant other’s. Desiree left her once happy home, and will be left to be a single mother in Paris. The girl in, “Hills Like White Elephants,” preforms an operation she doesn’t see as a justified action. All because they sacrificed their personal identities to demonstrate their love for their significant
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