Societal Norms In Nurse Faith's Hope Valley

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For me, Faith recalls positive memories of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" when Dr. Mike had to defy societal norms. As Andrea has so immersed herself in this role, I found myself hoping Faith stays around. I know not what next week holds, but Andrea's characterization and inspired recitations of her dialogue as she stands up for what she genuinely wants in life should be enough to cause women everywhere to champion her cause. Quite honestly, Peter is such an untoward character that I wouldn't wish him on my worst enemy. I still say that Hope Valley needs a medical clinic, and I hope that Nurse Faith makes the right decision for her and does not cave into what society demands of her. Conventions are meant to be broken when they are unjust, and I absolutely adore Andrea. I hope that her sweet depiction of this young woman will be seen in Hope Valley for many seasons to come. (Okay, but if she starts pursuing Jack...) Lee is…show more content…
Aren and Eva have developed an unusual relationship between their characters that I never saw coming. Clara is as radiant and lovely as ever, but now she is slowly giving her heart to Jesse. He is permitting her healing love to permeate his soul and change him from within (another redemption story in the works). As he accepts her love, she accepts his love in return while setting appropriate boundaries and standards concerning how he will treat her. She is not going to automatically become "his girl." He has to pursue her in the correct fashion. The maturity that Eva brings to this role is astonishing. She continues to grow in her acting every week, and her prowess causes Aren to rise to his best as well. Together, they are a tour de force that sets the standard for redemptive love stories. Furthermore, their sweet chemistry is a reminder of the fresh and unspoiled nature of young love and the standard to which all young people should strive when it comes to

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