Societal Norms In The Victorian Era

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Throughout Bram Stoker 's time in the Victorian Era, societal norms were prevalent in terms of the seclusion of women 's rights, as well as the religious revival of Catholicism. The time in which Stoker lived was when Catholicism made its breakthrough in english societies. In terms of prominent time periods,"The Victorian Age is in fact above all others an age of religious revival" (Arnstein 149). Because religion was one of the largest changes in the Victorian era, Bram Stoker was surrounded by efforts of incorporating Catholicism back into everyday life. In addition, Stoker grew up in an environment where the "Problem of women 's emancipation in nineteenth century Britain was...recognition for their achievements" (Jihang 49). Men in this particular era had the ability to participate in anything they wished, while women were limited to their actions and rights. If a woman and a man performed the same action that influenced the society in which they lived, the man would be appraised much more than the woman. Also, during the Victorian era, it was "no surprise to see just how limited professional opportunities once were for women" (Jihang 51). Professionals of the highest rank were set in their ways of giving men the upper hand on every opportunity for prosperous and beneficial jobs. Bram Stoker lived in a time where good things were taking place, such as the amelioration of catholic rituals, but also where negative issues were prevalent, such as the seclusion of women. III.

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