A Society Without Respect Research Paper

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Can you imagine how frightening the world would be if respect disappeared? People would be insecure, and would become hostile without respect in their lives. Although some think society could survive in a world absent of respect, most individuals agree it would be insufferable. Society could not function without respect for four distinct reasons. There would be more violence, less creativity, humans would lack emotion, and reputations would dissolve. The first reason it would be hopeless for civilization to function without respect is there would be more violence. More war outbreaks would take place; nobody would care what others would think about them. People would be as violent as ocean waves crashing over the side of a ship. There would be more harm; humans and creatures would not be cared for adequately. People would not realize the distinction between right…show more content…
There would be more melancholy due to lack of purpose in the world. Nobody would take notice of what anyone else had to say because they would not care about their opinions. People would be cold-hearted toward their peers, family, and friends. Cruel actions and feelings would be much more common in a society without respect. Without respect, communities would feel the need to justify themselves from the contempt and ridicule of the rest of society. The world would have less compassion if respect was non-existent. Furthermore, individuals would lose their self-respect and their self-esteem in a world without respect. The last reason society could not work without respect is people would lose their reputations. People respect others who they praise. If respect disappeared, heroes and celebrities would fade away. The president and monarch’s choices would not affect the population. People would make more unwise choices since the world’s leaders would not influence their

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