How Happiness Affects Our Life Essay

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It is possible to affect your happiness
Our happiness is conditioned by a multitude of factors that impact on us since our birth. Each of us has the ability to modify some of these factors and thus affect their happiness.
Everything is connected, one pulls the other, the other pulls the third, and so on. Therefore we can say that there is a reason why someone like that a someone or that. Of course it has a bias and that despite the best education, some children become examples of unfortunate people, while others have lived next to a lot of pain fail to walk the path of happiness. All this shows that this world is a wonderful and magical and that it hides much more than any of us can imagine. But I still can draw some conclusions that are largely the creators of our emotions.
What creates our life and our happiness?
The Company creates Education
From society depends on what will be our education because society shapes our teachers who then, after the shape us. Under the teachers understood everything that affects us: parents, television, schools and more.
For example, those who have grown up in India of the most respected of all animals the cow and it is for them a sacred animal, because the company has for years based on this view.
Education creates habits
Education is something that creates our habits.
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This means that we will seek their happiness through this success and are constantly trying to be as successful as possible in order to make you happier. But since it is impossible to be truly happy on the basis of external factors, we the true happiness in fact almost never even feel it. Will experience some moments of apparent happiness when, for example, get a lot of money or achieve success at work or when this would have been, they would still unhappy because we connect our happiness with success. And mostly because the society in which we live based on such
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