Society And Fahrenheit 451 Comparison

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Compare and contrast My society is very similar to the book Fahrenheit 451, writing by Ray Bradbury, however it is also very different as well. My society is very similar to Fahrenheit 451 society because we both have lots of freedom compared to most places. The reason why I say both society have more freedom than most places is because both societies can pick their own jobs, and choose their own clothing, and get to choose who they want to marry, however places like Russia and Isis they can 't choose what they want to do, people in Russia are assigned jobs and women are forced cover their faces. On the contrary my society is also very different from Fahrenheit 451 society because in Fahrenheit 451 society the punishment for having a ban book is more severe than my society punishment, if you are caught with a ban book they will burn the book and the house it’s in…show more content…
The first similarity between the two society is that both ban books, my society bans books because people feel they need to ban books because it does not line up with their religious or moral beliefs also it can be offensive to some people. Another reason both society are the same is that each other live in society where people are becoming more and more violent towards each other, an example of this is one Clarisse tells Montag that she 's "afraid of children my own age. They kill each other... Six of my friends have been shot in the last year alone” page 30. With my society people kill each other all the time for no reasons. I will like to discuss which society is better my society or Fahrenheit 451’s society. I believe that Fahrenheit 451’s society is the best society because Fahrenheit 451’s society is all about have fun, when you get stressed out you can go in your jet car and drive really fast to release stress, however you can get away with murder and punishment is more severe compared to my society
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