Society And Identity In Cathy Davidson's 'Project Classroom Makeover'

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101.AQ – Assignment 3 Draft – Hagar Elshentenawy Society and Identity I In Cathy Davidson’s essay “Project Classroom Makeover”, Davidson talks about how educational institutions can limit some people 's identity by standardizing and favoring certain subjects that society values. In Karen Ho’s essay “Biographies of hegemony”, Ho discusses how Wall Street affected recruitment in Ivy leagues and how they were able to influence students into believing that Wall Street is the only viable option. In Susan Faludi’s essay “The Naked Citadel” , Faludi describes The Citadel 's environment and how it affects the people that attend it. It is evident Institutions like the ones mentioned above can shape, or in the least influence, their attendees ' identities by imposing the surrounding society 's belief and influence onto them. This influence however can be a byproduct of what those institutions are trying to achieve, it can also be intended to maintain hierarchy. Educational institutions, from elementary school all the way to colleges, tend to embody and represent the values that their respective society holds in high regard. Those educational institutions, then embody those same beliefs and try integrate them into their students. A big part of a students ' life is spent at educational institutions, especially at a young age where they accept the guidance of others around them. As Davidson explains in her essay “As we have [learned], an infant’s neural pathways are being sheared and

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