Society In Brave New World

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Do believe today's society is a trivial culture or becoming one? In the novel Brave New World by Leonard Huxley demonstrates how the people are living in a world, we might be living in today. There is evidence that shows similarities between both worlds and what they do that shows. In Brave New World, the society has been designed around pleasure seeking tendencies. Almost everybody is encouraged to do what feels good to them and to do it immediately. Down below are some examples on on how we can compare today's society with Brave New World society during their time and what are the differences. While reading this novel there was quote that was wrote by Huxley himself that said, ¨ Everyone belongs to everyone else,¨ which was first mentioned in the beginning when it was repeated to the children from avery young age while they were still at the hatchery and was drilled in their mind so much that their subconcious had no other choice to accept it has a fact. ¨at the child's mind is these…show more content…
Today we have put our trust on the media as a priority to give us entertainment, news, and education. There are some positive and negative that influence young people of our society when it comes to media. The positive things kids like to express are their self with is the social world with apps like instagram, snapchat, twitter, and facebook which allows them to take pictures, share photos, or even just chat with someone. Although people like to use social media for fun there is also a negative side to it. For instance, some kids tend to abuse the use of media by bullying others online which goes by cyberbullying, that can result in kids getting their feelings hurt or even trying to harm themselves because of what other said too or about them. Teens and youth are in a stage of life where they want to be accepted by their peers and the media crtes that ideal image for

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