Society And Society's Influence Of Society In Society

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It tends to believe that social forces such as schools, media and even culture has an enormous impact on individuals’ choices and way of living. That is to say, that the society people are living in is extremely important in creating one’s identity since it has an influence on his choices about everyday decisions through the different channels and establishes certain rules and regulations about how one should act, speak and even think as it can be observed from the movie “Bride and Prejudice”. Even though a lot of studies prove that social structures like traditions and schools power over individuals is paramount, it is important to realize that people can change them by simply ignoring or reproducing them. First and foremost, according to Foucault, contemporary society, human beings are living in can barely be called postmodern, since despite of vast technological advancement, civilization hardly gone beyond modernity (Gauntlett D., 2002). As a matter of fact, certain societies on their race after a capitalist democracy do not repudiate other traditions they bear for a long time, thus fail in their way to modernize. For esample, in the movie “Bride and Prejudice”, spectator can observe way of multicultural country such as India deals with cultural background in a modern society. To begin with, it is undeniable that India has been British colony during the 19th century Imperialistic colonization and it had enormous influence on their traditions and views (Albo A. & Godeo

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