Society Essay: The Hunger Games And Women In Society

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The Hunger Games and women in society: Suzanne Collins author of “The Hunger Games” designed Katniss Everdeen as the idealistic image of women in society. Her strength, skills, and self-control make her a figure of a woman perfect to match how our society wants women to be like and Suzanne wants that to stand out and make us think about it. Suzanne Collins wants to express how she thinks female should be like in everyday life and express that Katniss is much more than just a character, she is a message that is being sent to all the readers. Katniss breaks all the already established stereotypes by being able to survive, improvise and control herself in bad moments when even the toughest person would break apart. Katniss is strong since she was born she was being “tested”, she knows a wide variety of survival skills and her knowledge expands even more when she starts practicing for the hunger games. With this in mind, Suzanne doesn’t mean that all women in society should know how to use…show more content…
Katniss learns how to use several weapons when she was preparing for participating in the Hunger Games but as we see throughout the book the bow is her favourite weapon and she lets us know that she is very good with it when she was getting graded by the game makers and shot an arrow just to an apple in the mouth of roasted pork. Additionally, when Katniss blows up the Careers supplies as a way to weaken them we see she does some good shots to a bag of apples that finally sets off all the mines in the area; with these we can infer that Katniss is not even slightly weak and when she needs to do something brave and difficult she has no problem in trying and then succeeding at that task. This encourages other women to think like her and become stronger a braver thanks to the book and it is in this situations that we see the real goal of Suzanne and how it is working
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