The Giver Compared To Today

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The talk of perfecting the ‘new age’ has yet to reach its success. As the world adjusts and advance in new every-once-and-awhile problems, people find new situations that cause disastrous events. However, in the novel, “The Giver”, there is a society classified as a dystopian where many scenarios are similar to a ‘trapped society’.Between Modern day and The Giver, both are societies based upon different standards that keep the people in certain places to prevent chaos. Is a dystopian world really different from reality? It's not common to find a society to be an exact match as another society. Particularly because in modern day, every society has its own individual freedom. Jonas “ knew he had to tell it all, that it was not only all right…show more content…
“Their were arranged by their original numbers, the numbers they had been given at birth.”(Lowry 50). The head figure in the novel, also known as the Chief Elder, address the general public with numbers and rarely their names at giving important notices. Whereas, the president of the United States in modern social events tend to direct citizens as ‘the people’ like “THE PRESIDENT: “Hello, everybody!” , “Thank you, everybody” , “Everybody, please have a seat.” , “I hope you guys aren’t getting tired of me.” Directly, “I want to begin by thanking Joe and Jill Biden” , “I just spoke to my counterterrorism advisor.”( “ To the government and the people of Vietnam the venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, thank you” , “including so many young people who represent the dynamism” , “by the venerable Thich Nhat Hanh” (May 24, 2016) ‘Remarks by President Obama in Address to the People of Vietnam’. Moreover, the presidents of different societies do a similar job.They place announcements to inform the public. “ In the initial speech at the Ceremony of Twelve was made by the Chief Elder...”( Lowry 51). Identically, “From his speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 that made him a household name to his farewell address on Tuesday, President Barack Obama has captivated the world with his words.” Gould and Harrington (Jan. 14, 2017)17 of President Obama's most inspirational quotes. In this two quotes both leaders address their community by making speeches. Electing presidents shows a common process in both the novel and reality. The Chef Elder “who was elected every ten years.”( Lowry 51) in the novel, is similar to “Thus, all states appoint their electors on the same date, in November, once every four years. However, the manner of appointment of the electors is determined by the law of each State.”(President-elect of the United States 2018) . Overall, the leaders in every place have different
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