Society In Renard The Fox

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As a society we judge others based upon social norms and cultures. In our lives, we encounter people from everywhere. Cultures are what make us unique from others. Our culture defines us as an individual and our background of who we will become. In the story Renard the Fox, Renard proves to others that the society cannot function without him. Without a leader, society will never function correctly, and everything will fall apart. Everyone is expected to contribute to today’s society and accomplish something in order to fulfill each other. Creating a functioning society is essential to having a maintained and balanced society. Renard the Fox illustrates that the role of having authority is important and ideal among creating a successful and functioning society. As a society, we used to fight for survival; people would need to fight for himself in order to stay alive. Years later, Society has made a drastic change that not only lets us live longer, but we don 't need to fight. In other words, a society cannot function without a leader. A leader is someone who is in charge that can help us create a great lifestyle.A functioning society must have someone who is able to worry about everyone while protecting them from dangerous activity. I am Legend is a great representation of what a leader must be. In this film, Will Smith is portrayed as to be a great hero after undergoing a horrific fight against society. Because Will Smith is a leader, leaders must choose to make the right

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