Society In Romeo And Juliet, Night And My Life Next Door

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During this school year, the question “Does society shape the individual or do the individual shape their society?” was explored in our reading. In book that we and I had read like Romeo & Juliet, Night, and My Life Next Door there has been times that society has altered their life or have they altered the way society is viewed. For starters I chose specific books to help me answer this question. I selected two books my class read and one book I read on my own because they all kind of connect. All of these books have in common are the themes. For example if you love something hold on to it, don’t lose faith, and love kills, also lastly society and class matters. I found it to be easier to have books that have common qualities because it makes it easier to answer the question and also it helps support one another out. The first book I am going to use is Shakespeare original Romeo & Juliet. In this book two different families called the Capulets and Montagues have been in feud all their life. One day and the Capulets party, Romeo, a Montague, had gone with his friend Mercutio to the ball to forget about his heartbreak with this girl…show more content…
Thought the question is “Does society shape the individual or do individuals shape their society?” I strongly believe there is a double response to this. I believe that because in the start of all the book there is always that one or two characters that fend for themselves till they get what they want. They have to go through obstacles like, families, armies, and even their selves at times. Society does shape the individual at first to someone strong even though some roughness might be in that road but it pushes them to be their own person and make a difference even if it’s just a simple rebellion against parents for first love to running away from an army for the survival of your family and you. Society needs to shape the character for the character can shape
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