Society In The Movie Zootopia

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The depiction of the society and its problems through the works of art is a tendency that was always followed by the artists. In the modern society, art is also widely used to reveal the tendencies and phenomena occurring within the society. The film industry is also not an exception from the rule, and many directors and producers create movies that are connected to sociology. Such movies tend to reflect on the state of the society in general and on some special issues that impose impact on how the community actually functions. With respect to this, the computer animation Zootopia does a great job in terms of depiction of modern social issues using the image of a small town inhabited by the animals. Even though the characters of the movie are…show more content…
The sociology that can be viewed as a basis for the movie is not only well-developed but also highly realistic. The community of animals in the movie acts just like human society. While sociology is studying the principles on which functioning if the society is based and how people cohabit, the film shows that cohabiting of animals and of people is based on similar principles. For example, even the opponents can live and act together to solve the problems that are crucial for their living. Here, the film does not only allow to understand the role of sociology in general but also helps to understand its most important concepts that describe the way in which human society functions. Besides, the sociological perspective in the animated film helps to explain how society’s separate parts impact the flow of the processes and interact with each…show more content…
According to its main principle, each part of the society is responsible for its proper functioning and stability. For example, after the campaign against predators, the police in Zootopia was not able to function properly since many of the employees there had to fired and replaced. At the same time, the ones who came to replace the police officers were unable to cope with the responsibilities. Therefore, the society lost its stability when one of its parts stopped functioning. This is a reflection of functionalism in action as far as the society is treated there as an organism where each of the components plays an important role (Maryanski and Turner 106). Though such an analogy the viewer can understand how important each part of society is for the general

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