Society In Zootopia

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The analysis of the reflections of society in Zootopia Zootopia is one of many of Disney and Pixar’s most celebrated productions. The animated film is the sixth highest-grossing animated movies of all time. Set in a world of anthropomorphic animals the movies protagonist is a young rabbit named Judy Hopps who comes from a small town with the dreams of becoming a police officer. When coming of age, Judy leaves her hometown to pursue her dream by going to live in Zootopia a city where anyone can become anything they want to be. She becomes the first rabbit in history to become a police officer. On her journey of becoming a police officer Hopps overcomes struggles like stereotyping, sexism and in some ways a form of ‘‘racism’’ or in this case…show more content…
Many people suspect that it’s in their DNA and that they will never really evolve. Hopps later reveals to Nick that she believes this theory to be correct. Nick tells Judy that is prejudice and a false accusation. Judy finds Nick’s outrage confusing and tells him not to be offended and that he is “one of the good ones. This statement is indicative that Hopps believes most predators are evil, but there are some good ones. Nick and Judy's conversation about predator savagery is another example of racism the movie is trying to convey. By Hopps stating that he is one of the good ones, she is confirming the idea that predators are all the same and cannot evolve. In society, people of color face a similar reality as the predators in Zootopia. Many people of color and stereotyped as animals who are stupid and violent for no reason and that it is in their DNA. Later, Hopps and Wilde discover that it is not the nature of the predators that were lashing out and that is was Bellwether injecting them the toxins to make them seem like they had gone savage. She gets arrested, and Judy becomes a member of the ZPD with Nick as her partner. Bellwethers anger towards predators can also be a reflection of how many women may feel towards men the work field and that they are fed up with sexism and discrimination, so they lash
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