Society Is Better Than In The 1960's

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Jack lived in New York City. Jack grew up in a urban town. Now he has two kids, and a beautiful wife Mana. Jack was different from his father he respected women plus his body. It 's hard for Jack to get a job to support his family. As soon as they see the color of his skin they tell him to leave, but what they don 't know is how big his heart is. Society today is a lot different than in the 1960’s. They are different from female equality to technology. Although it was peaceful in the 1960’s. Many could not be who they wanted to be without being judged. I believe that society now is without a doubt better than society in the 1960’s because of female equality, people being judged for what they say and do, and technology. In the 1960’s…show more content…
In the 1960’s they didn 't have very good communication. We have more advanced technologies such as cell phones and computers with internet so we can interact much better with the people around us. In the text in stats “People can keep in touch and meet and meet new people easier than 50 years ago. Now we have technology where we can do almost anything with the touch of a few buttons. In the 1960’s there there was not much technology. Life was way harder and to say it society was better when people did not have half of the things they have in today 's society would be crazy. Back then it was work work work” (Falcon). This shows that people in the 1960’s were only focused on money and not personal interactions. In the 1960’s you couldn 't be who you wanted to be without being judged. The article states “In today’s society, people get tattoos, piercings, and write books or songs without being judged or told not to do it. Back then, people could have done these things, but with more judgment” (Falcon). This shows that people in the 1960’s didn 't care about anyone else who wasn 't the same. If you were different you were discriminated. I truly believe that our society today is so much better than in the 1960’s. Most importantly females are treated equal to men in the workplace. Also we have so much more technology to keep in touch, and to make more friends. Finally we can be outgoing we are encouraged to be different. I am truly thankful that I live in this
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