Society's Birthday Comparison Essay

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Society’s Birthdays Comparison
In the dystopian novel, The Giver, by Lois Lowry, there are many similarities and differences in their society compared to the American Society. The Giver’s society celebrates a child's birthday in mass acknowledgement. All the children get acknowledged for turning one year older on the same day every year. “Each December brings such changes”, as everyone in the society acknowledges everyone twelve and under turning a year older (Lowry 11). On the other hand, in the modern American Society, everyone gets acknowledged for turning a year older on individual, actual birthdays, for their entire lives. Throughout the entire American Society, people are acknowledged for the day they were actually born on, for turning
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So, the society in the book celebrates people's birthdays in a mass celebration over two days that everyone in the community comes to while the American Society does individual celebrations with only family and friends. Finally, the gift giving in these two societies are similar yet also different. In the Giver’s society, children get specific gifts and things that they need as they turn a year older. For example, when Jonas’, father’s, sister “became a Nine that year, and got her bicycle” because when children in the community turn nine they get bicycles (Lowry 13). However, in the American Society when people turn a year older they get gifts from their friends and family, typically gifts that these people want and have asked for. So the similarities of these two societies is that when people turn a year older they get a gift, but the differences are, that the gifts in the Giver’s society are given to the kids by the community's committee and in the American society, people are given gifts by friends and family which are things that they want. Overall, the differences yet similarities, of these two societies helps demonstrate what certain people believe is a utopia and what will create a better society. People believe certain things that are different from the American Society would create a

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