Society's Influence On Rock And Roll And Its Effect On Society

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When you hear Rock and Roll, you hear the catchy words, the upbeat music, and energy that comes from that form of music. That is what made it popular, and that popularity allowed that form of music to gradually change a nation. Rock and Roll was able to change society by slowly changing how people acted towards blacks. Society affected rock and roll as well because without the challenges segregation made, rock and roll would have not been developed. Society impacted rock and roll in many ways because we had segregation during those years. African Americans were treated unfairly and most were unable to make it out of the cycle of poverty. Those were depressing times for them and as a result, the blues started. The Blues were tremendously important in make rock and roll what is was, so without its influence, rock and roll would have not been the same. Though segregation was bad, it affect what the African Americans played which led to the music we know now.…show more content…
Rock and Roll brought both races together with one common interest and that was to enjoy the lively music. These teenager would go to concerts together and slowly start to get comparable with each others presence. Also with black musician being so popular, many people were forced to work with them to stay in business. Those are the ways rock and roll had affected
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