Expectations In Macbeth

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Expectations are put in place for people in society, and if people do not follow these expectations they may think differently than an average person would. If someone is brought up in life with different outlooks than you then maybe their decision making skills may be different from yours and some might not have the same feelings as you do on a certain act or deed. When someone has convinced themselves that the decisions they are making are the right ones then any act of anything is acceptable in their mind.In the script Tragedy of Macbeth, the character of Lady Macbeth, does not fit society’s expectations of her role as a woman, feeling of guilt, and desire for the title of the queen. Lady Macbeth didn’t fit the gender roles that society…show more content…
“Ribner then examines duncan’s murder, arguing that this specific act of evil corrupts all levels of creation, contaminating the family, the state, and the physical universe.” The quote said that it corrupts all levels of creation which includes peoples innocence and maybe Lady Macbeth had her innocence finally sealed off for good after Duncan had finally died, and maybe this is why she feels guilt for an act she did not physically commit. She did have a part in goading him into the murder so she could bear the title of the queen so maybe she is just as physically guilty as he. “ The guilt is thus more equally divided than we should suppose when we hear people pitying ‘the noble nature of Macbeth,’ bewildered and goaded on to crime, solely or chiefly by the instigation of his wife. ”The things Lady Macbeth has known started coming out in her sleep as she sleep walked towards the end of the story. She had spoken “The thane of fife had a wife. Where is she now? What, will these hands ne’er be clean?” Lord Macduff's’ wife had been killed by Macbeths hitmen and Lady Macbeth had figured out and this may have been the guilt that finally drove her past the edge of destruction and she ended her own
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