Socio-Affective Strategies Essay

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I. Introduction According to The National Commission on Excellent Education (1983), the proper years range to introduce a new language especially foreign language takes from four to six years of study. However, learning a new language is not a matter of how long children learn it, yet about how often children learn a language because the more children imitating and understanding the language the more they comprehend and apply the language better in daily life. Children will have more opportunity to be successful language learners better than the adolescents or adults at the optimal age (ages 2 to 14). When learners start to learn a new language does not mean that learners need to ignore their mother tongue, but learners are gaining understanding…show more content…
Discussion There are 3 kinds of learning strategy, the cognitive, meta-cognitive and socio-affective strategies, in fact, in teaching English for young learners those strategies cannot be apart because those strategies are integrated and supporting each other, yet when it comes to introduce and motivate learners, socio-affective strategy is appropriate to apply as the main learning strategy for Indonesia learners. If teachers adapt socio-affective strategies earners will get involved with others in any kind of learning activities. There are some ways to developing socio-affective strategies such as interpersonal intelligence through pair or group work, peer correction, project work, encourage to practice English outside the classroom, using any kind of teaching materials that will develop cultural awareness like storybook about issues of tolerance, feelings, friendship, equality and etc. Indonesia primary school teachers are seldom to adopt those kinds of technique in the classroom which will affect the learners, learners will have less tolerance, less interpersonal skills also do not have any insight into English culture that might be appropriately used in Indonesia. While Indonesia learners should not have to push learners with high scoring in language because it would make them feel under pressure yet the truth is most of the school are still believe that high score means that learners have learned language better and ignoring the process or even the impact on learners

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