Socio-American Social Status

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The human beings have been developing itself in a global society. The society is considered as the union of all the people living in our world, interacting each other with the environment in which they are. However, it has different variables, and those variables are close connected to how every person develops their own life. The relevance of social location in society would mark the life of any person. We could see in most of the articles how growing in a particular society group defined the future of those people in the world. One example of this is the life that Acephie and ChouChou had in Haiti. How their life got shaped by growing in a poor area in Haiti. Both of them had a short infancy due to their economical situation, both of them had to stop studying at early age to help their parents provide incomes to their families, and both of them suffered by social inequality and structural violence. They both died in short age due to the same actor, military. Nonetheless, marked as their different gender and ethnicity, the way of how they died changed. We could appreciate how the difference of gender impact in society as well. Even though people want to see it different or want to isolated this…show more content…
In my opinion, the government has a big responsibility in human development. Why we can see a gap on those students who came from a poor neighborhood than from those who came from a middle class or high class neighborhood? Why those students who came from a low economical class have a cultural shock and social shock when they got in the university? The answer is that they don’t receive a quality education on their schools, but as they see that they can confront it and get good scores in their home schools. However, they are in a different environment, where most of the youth people who are attending to school don’t pursuit more than a high school
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