Socio Cultural Impacts Of Tourism

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Socio Cultural Impacts of Tourism
Since the massive growth of tourism to destination, numerous studies have been conducted on the impacts of tourism. Sharma (2013) study looked at the socio cultural impacts of tourism at Jaisalmer. His study reveals that “tourism carries impacts that are mostly positive on the socio cultural environment.” However, the definition for socio cultural was not clearly defined, before mention was made about the types of impacts tourism has on the environment and how the impacts affected or benefited the community. The researchers are in total agreement that the positive impacts do over weigh the negative impacts. The author uses both primary and secondary sources to gather information. This was a great move by the
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Long, P. H. et al (2011) study reveals that “residents perceive the positive environmental impacts of tourism to be greater than that of the negative.” However, often times the negative impacts are highlighted more than the positive impacts. The researchers are in total agreement that tourism impacted the environment in more positive ways than negative. As a result of tourism visitation to countries, attractions and historical site are more cared for. If you should observe destination that has minimum tourist arrival, then you would see that less development are going on in those areas. It as a result of the increase in tourism arrival, that leads to the refurbishing of buildings, construction of roads, and other development. Many communities in Jamaica now have electricity, telephone, proper road, and shopping mall as a result of the impact tourism has on the…show more content…
Rabbany G. MD. (2013), states that “population increase is one of the most serious environmental problems, since negative impacts from tourism occur when the level of visitor use is greater than the environment’s ability to cope with this use within acceptable limits of change. As the population increases, it puts greater demands on our land and resources.” Once tourism destination is carefully monitored, the negative impacts that tourism poses can be easily minimized if tourism destination adheres to the capacity load. Caric, H. (2011) study proves that “cruise tourism contributes negatively to the environment.” Cruise tourism has contributed significantly to water and air pollution However, cruise tourism does create job opportunities for local and international

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