Socio-Cultural Studies: Mona Lisa Smile

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This paper will focus on the analysing the movie of “Mona Lisa Smile” in terms of socio-cultural studies. Mainly this analysis will base on the topic of gender. In the process of analyzing the movie, the terms of identity and consumption culture will participate for supporting the ideas. The paper will consist of two main parts in order to produce an analysis according to sociocultural issues. The first part will give a short summary of the movie and an explanation of the characters in the movie for creating a general thought. The second part is based on issues that we are seeing in the movie with relation to understanding the topic of gender.
The film tells the lives of American women who are no longer required to interfere in male work as
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In these conditions, Katherine decides to go Europe for exploring. In the final scene, when Katherine’s taxi speed up, all girls follow her on their bicycles.
In the second part of this paper, I will analyze the scenes that we are seeing according to their importance in concern of gender because in this analysis my main concern will be the gender issue while analyzing this movie but I will use consumption culture and identity concepts for supporting my ideas.
Mona Lisa Smile is a movie that can give an idea about the 1950s America and the way of their thinking, the roles that society imposes on women and the young girls &boys education life and their career plans at that time. Also, the main reason for choosing this film is, in the movie, gender issues are the main problems. For example; in the film, Katherine is a feminist female character who has modern thinking, has an extreme life according to the time judgements and morals but strict rules and patterns are valid in the college and in the society, and students or teachers who do not comply with them are removed from the college by the "authority." When she first came to college, a woman shows her and told her that “you cannot come after eight, you cannot cook, no man in school” so she moved a house with a colleague but in the neighborhood same strict rules are valid. Because of public pressure, she doesn’t want to go her house with her boyfriend because the thought that what will other
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