Female Empowerment

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In this chapter an attempt has been made to analyse the social and economic empowerment of women in both the research areas. A database is analysed to know the different frequency levels of responses generated through a questionnaire. Empowerment of women is basically influenced by the socio-economic status of women. The socio-economic status would therefore, be the ranking of an individual by the society she lives in, in terms of her material belongings and her cultural possessions. Every development programme initiated in our country, has stressed on the importance of raising the status of women. In this context, it is necessary to analyse the socio-economic background of women in the study area, so as to understand their levels of empowerment.…show more content…
Hence, instead of working with an exogenously derived definition of empowerment we attempted to understand its constituents for the context of our survey villages. The chances of capturing a notion of empowerment using structured survey are best limited and hence the indicators used have been developed through a long process of interaction from the respondents. 6.3 Demographic Profiles of Women Entrepreneurs in Andhra Pradesh Demographic profile of Guntur District, Gurzala Mandal , Andhra Pradesh are discussed. The factors considered here include Age of respondents, Educational qualification of respondents, marital status of respondents, category or type of business undertaken by respondents. These profiles are presented in graphical form to have an overview of the total sample profiles at a glance. 6.3.1 Age of women entrepreneurs Age class interval Number of women entrepreneurs (respondents) Percentage Below 25 34

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