Socio-Economic Factors For Obama Care

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Medication adherence is the patient’s compliance with the provider’s recommendation with respect to the dose, time and frequency of medicines during the prescribed period of time. Two major reasons for noncompliance include the socioeconomic factors and patient related factors. Patient-related factors include lack of awareness about their condition (Centers for disease control and prevention, 2013). The adverse effects of most of the chronic diseases may not present for years. This fact leads to the tendency to be noncompliant to the treatment by the patients. On top of this, the increasing treatment costs and lack of insurance coverage adds to the problem (Iuga, McGuire & McGuire, 2014). These factors make the people opt to visit the ER instead of going to the doctor’s office.…show more content…
86% of all health care expense in 2010 was for individuals with one or more chronic health conditions (Centers for disease control and prevention, 2015). Obama Care, officially known as the Affordable Care Act is a National strategy to realize the benefits of health prevention for all Americans. This act helps lower the health care costs, improve the quality of care and provide the coverage options for the uninsured (National prevention, health promotion and public health council, 2011). Some of the benefits of Obama care include the decrease in the number of uninsured people, expansion of the coverage to millions, subsidized health insurance costs, reduction in the health care expenditure and so on (ObamaCare Facts: Facts on the Affordable Care Act,
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