Socio-Economic Goals In Social Work

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As a female of Hispanic origin growing up with a single mother and grandparents with a low proficiency in English, I had to face many socio-economic obstacles. Due to a lack of the English language skills I realized how much more difficult their lives were. Being bilingual, I understand how these obstacles make it difficult to access basic needs such healthcare, education and employment. I am interested in one day working as a social worker in a community like my mothers and educating young people in these communities about the importance of obtaining proper resource services in the safest way possible.
During my early childhood, I would volunteer at my local church working in community gardens. It was a recurring problem for lower socioeconomic status
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My experience as a child and undergraduate has paved the way for me to help others achieve their educational ambitions. These attributes of teaching and helping others were also instilled in me by my grandparents and mother. Through them, I was taught the value of hard work and perseverance and will bring these same values to my education. As much as my grandparents and mother have been a success story of the immigrant experience in this country, I want to be a success story as a first generation Hispanic-American female in my family to graduate with a masters. I have many goals for my future. In five years I can see myself with a social work licence helping young adults and children who were like me to find themselves and take hold of the advantages and resources available to them. I understand the time demands of this program and the field training included. I am fully prepared to allocate all time and fully submerge myself in this practice. I am proud of the person that I have become and I can thank my life experience that I had growing up as the catalyst to my early success. I hope to continue to succeed by pursuing my goal of becoming a social worker and help others with the valuable skills that I will

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