Socio Economic Impact Of Tourism

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Abstract- The existing socio-political or Socio-economic set up and the prevailing economic policies determined by Government about economic system and economic system is really finding it very difficult to provides quality of jobs to the young educated youth so impetus to Entrepreneurship development is the need of the hour in the tourism sector because of its unlimited growth in the present era. In this paper efforts have been devoted to integration of entrepreneurship skills development in the tourism sector and its impact to reap the socio- economic benefits foe the nation as whole otherwise it is very challenging task for the Government to have skilled and non skilled manpower in the tourism sector. So there is an urgent need of development…show more content…
As we are aware of the fact that tourism sector provides 6-7 per cent of the world’s total jobs directly and millions more indirectly through the multiplier effect as per the UN‟s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).In India every one million invested in tourism creates 47.5 jobs directly and around 85-90 jobs indirectly. In comparison, agriculture creates only 44.6 jobs and manufacturing a mere 12.6 jobs. Tourism accounts for around 12.4% of the total employment in India and with the enhancing number of FTA there will be a boom in the job opportunities. Tourism in India accounts for 6.8% of the GDP and ranks 42nd in the United Nations World Tourism Organization rankings, the third largest foreign exchange earner for the country with 16th most visited country in the world, with a share of 1.56% in the world’s tourism receipts. India offers geographical diversity, attractive beaches, 30 World Heritage Sites and 25 bio-geographic zones. The UNWTO has forecast that the travel and tourism industry in India will grow by 8% per annum between 2008 and 2016. Foreign exchange earnings…show more content…
In case of Visa on Arrival facility, a total number of 20,294 visited during 2013 as compared to 16,084 Visas on Arrival during the corresponding period in 2012, which amounts to a growth of 26%.Branding India with the help of concepts like Incredible India! & Athiti Devo Bhava provides impetus to growth to tourism sector. Medical visa to encourage medical tourism in India.Goverment of India has allowed100% FDI under the automatic route in tourism and hospitality, subject to applicable regulations and laws. The aim of NATIONAL TOURISM POLICY, 2OO2 to enhance employment potential within the tourism sector as well as to foster economic integration through developing linkages with other sectors. Providing guidelines to central agencies in tourism infrastructure development, scheme for assistance for large revenue generating projects, scheme for public-private partnership in infrastructure development, guidelines for approval of convention centers, motel projects, timeshare resorts, guesthouses, etc. investment-linked deduction under Section 35 AD of the Income Tax Act is in place for establishing new

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