Socio-Economic Status Of America Essay

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Consider how socio-economic status has influenced the ability of Americans to “succeed”

There are many different aspects of life that contribute to the success of Americans. One of which is the socio-economic status a person is born with. The status is not something that is chosen, but is something that could be changed. Americans socio-economic status has an influence on the ability for an American to succeed because there are more doors already open for the privileged than that of someone from the lower class. Some people's path is a little smoother than others.

The privileged already start at that curtain level where it would be easier to keep moving up. To think of it as a stepstool would be exemplary. The people who are born into privileged
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The radical difference of the environment in the hood compared to the environment the privileged live in is immense. In the hood, for example, the environment people live in is extreme; there are things people have to worry about on a daily basis such as being safe and or making sure there is food on the table. Some of my peers in high school actually had to have a job to help their parents out financially. That was the only way their entire family was able to keep afloat. As a young teen, the need to go to work meant they had to travel home late at night which put them in potentially dangerous situations. Of course they were able to cope with their living situation, but you would never find someone who is socio-economically better placed going through something of that nature.

Whereas in say a suburb, where the socio-economic status is much healthier, the environment is much more relaxed. People can go about their day not worrying about things that in reality no one should have to worry about and actually focus on what will get them ahead in life. All a student has to really worry about is getting their school work done. The student in that area are the ones that you see with the success stories at a younger age. They have less roadblocks in between the them and success; everything is easier to
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