Socio Education Policy Essay

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POLICY ASSIGNMENT IS OUR PRESENT EDUCATION POLICY REGARDING EXAMINATION SYSTEM ADDRESSING THE SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONDITION? DO WE NEED ANY CHANGE IN EDUCATION SYSTEM? DESCRIPTION OF QUESTION RELATION BETWEEN EXAMINATION SYSTEM AND SOCIO ECONOMIC CONDITION The exam papers are hardly representative of the entire curriculum. Teachers and students mostly rely on one prescribed textbook. Exam questions are repeated at least every three to five years and hence questions can be predicted. There are ‘model papers’, or ‘guess paper guides’ available in the market with readymade answers based on past five years papers. Teachers and students tend to rely on such guides and put their content to memory. Regurgitation seems to be the only key for students to pass the examination rather than creative thinking and independent analyses. HOW DID OUR EDUCATIONAL POLICY ADDRESS OUR SOCIO ECONOMIC CONDITION? Courses at the secondary and higher secondary level shall be reviewed with a view to making them more relevant to the needs of the labour market in order to better prepare those students not going on to further studies. A study shall be conducted to evaluate the impact of technical matriculation and explore ways of introducing an improved system of technical and vocational education at high school level. The stream shall offer two-way link with the academic stream and also provide links to a revamped vocational and technical sector at higher levels. Approaches shall be found to provide
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