Structural Functionalism Vs Conflict Theory Essay

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Most fields of science rely on theories to explain centrally important issues, such as social phenomena, that have a wide range of applications. Sociologists attempt to describe human society though their theories, such as the structural-functionalism theory, conflict theory, and symbolic interactionalism. While the three theories attempt to describe how society functions the way it does, all three differ in their views of how humans are related to society and each other. In the structural-functionalism, the dominant view is that if the structures that exist are functional, then those structures should be preserved and maintained. Structure-functionalists tend focus on the interrelatedness to the social structures that make up society. Moreover, this views social…show more content…
Those in the authority position of society have control over the limited resources for which everyone is in competition. As a result, these power struggles allow for the social order to be governed by the powerful, rather than the consensus. Moreover, the powerful maintain their dominant positon and safeguard their privilege with their abundant resources. Conflict theorists, therefore, believe that theft is due to economic equality and would justify theft since the underprivileged need the limited resources monopolized by the wealthy in order to survive. Additionally, the laws that dictate punishment are created by those in power positions. According to the conflict theory, the powerful will make laws that benefit them, so the punishment for crime may be exorbitant as the criminal is directly taking from the powerful. The impact of this theft on the community of the powerless classes will most likely cause social strife as they see the forced inequality they must endure. The theft, however, will have no effect on the wealthy as they still have an abundance of
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