Sociocultural Adjustment Literature Review

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This section will discuss the theory, definition, context/issues about Sociocultural Adjustment and Psychological well-being.
According to Ward and Kennedy (1999), sociocultural adjustment means ability to fit in to acquire culturally appropriate skills and to negotiate interactive aspects of the host environment.
A study by Khatiwada (2010) showed that language proficiency, culture similarities, intergroup attitudes, social interaction, and strength of friendship ties with host national friend, and length of stay was positively related to sociocultural adaptation. A study by O’Reilly, Ryan, and Hickey (2010) that even though international students had high levels of social
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Income was the important factor of influencing sociocultural adjustment among Malaysian students in Britain. In addition, if only the Malaysians were in the higher class, they would have had better English proficiency. The results of Swami et al. showed that Malaysian participants had poorer sociocultural adjustment that lead them to experiencing discrimination and cultural distance and they were not as English proficient as the…show more content…
According to the study of Hsiao-Ping, Garza, and Guzman (2015), there are many problems faced by international students which includes language difficulties, different food, studying schedules, unfamiliar living circumstances. Based on the researchers understanding, international students have a hard time understanding the lectures of teachers because they would talk fast and the students cannot understand quickly. Thus, international students would feel isolated when it comes to having group discussion. Due to the fact that international students feel isolated, this would affect their academic performance. Furthermore, not only would feeling isolated affect their academic performance but they would feel uneasy, have an inferiority complex, lack of support from family and friends from their home country, and homesickness. Depression, anxiety, and self-esteem may play a role in their social and emotional adjustment and academic performance (Murray-Harvey,

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