Sociocultural Diversity

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Our lecturer Mdm.Shabina asked us to conduct a project in which we were required to interview 30 students in our university. This interview is conducted to find out if teachers interacted with them differently due to their gender and ethnicity during their school or university days. With that we were also required to study about sociocultural diversity, how gender or ethnicity of a student’s affects teacher’s attitude towards student and what is a mix cultural education and classroom environment. To be honest does everyone know what socio-cultural diversity is? Socio-cultural diversity in this context can be said as where race, class, ability, different learning conditions and styles, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, nationality and other dimension that make up the identity of an individual student impacts his or her learning experience. Thus, diversity needs to be taken seriously by educators. It is the only way to make sure that students of all backgrounds are not excluded or marginalized due to their unique needs and learning styles, but are instead supported by the education system and receive an education that helps them reach their fullest potential. Schools provide a social setting in which students can learn ways to deal with socio-cultural differences. Having a diverse classroom is a good thing for a teacher because they can explore the multiple ethnicities the students come from and use it as an example to teach students. On the other hand, the teacher at the

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