Lev Vygotsky's Sociocultural Impact On Child Development

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Abstract There are many influences that can impact a child’s health and development. A child’s social environment, the relationships that they have, the parenting styles of that child’s parents can greatly impact that child’s life and development. In this paper, we look at sociocultural impacts on child development, specifically how culture can impact a child and influence the way they see, do, and behave. This paper will look at the culture and different experiences the author had to show how it relates to her development as a child and how it followed her into adulthood as well. This paper will go over what theorist and theory proved to relate to culture and the author development as well.

Sociocultural Impact on Development
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This means that the way a person interacts with other people and the culture that they live in helps to shape who they are, and how they think and process things. Vygotsky believed that our parents, relatives, peers, society, and community plays a vital role in our development (Scott & Palincsar, n.d.). According to the belief of Vygotsky, he felt that “children are born with the basic biological constraints on their minds. Each culture provides the “tools of intellectual adaptation” allowing children to use their basic mental abilities in a way that is adaptive to the culture in which they live” (Cherry, 2017). Looking at how culture and the people around me influence my development, I definitely feel that Vygotsky and his theory of sociocultural ring true, especially as it relates to my very own…show more content…
It is easy to see this when I talk to both of them about certain things and seeing the disagreements or outlook in certain situations as well. My husband was able to do whatever he wanted and talk however he wanted, and we can see this in our marriage. In the beginning, he didn’t understand or realized how talking to me about where he was going or what he was spending money on was important for us as a couple and our marriage. Today, my husband is more considerate in sharing things with me and realizing that to me it isn’t bossing him around knowing these things, I was just raised to be considerate and aware of what the “family” is doing or spending money on, and as a couple how important it is to share what is happening in each other lives and even our finances. Social interaction can greatly influence a child and their development, in this paper we took the influence of culture and how its beliefs, values, and social forms can impact a person and how they see and view things. Many of us have a different background and come from a different culture from each other, this can be seen in the way a person is raised, and what their outlook and beliefs are. It is important to remember this and keep this in mind, especially when treating or dealing with a child and why they may act a certain
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