Essay On My Family Life

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My families values, beliefs, and stories have been influenced by socioeconomic circumstances for years. As an infant, my mother was raising four children while working two jobs. In regards to my father, he was categorized in the of the working class and didn’t have a sufficient amount of income. Both of my parents achieved high school diplomas, but did not attend a college or university. My parents weren’t financially stable and the push for higher education wasn’t as aggressive. Due to excessive work performed by my mother, she was not home much and my older brother was in charge of looking after us. There were times where we didn’t have food in the house. Fortunately, one of my mother’s jobs involved food which assisted our family at times. At the age of five, my life drastically changed. I was diagnosed with a rare storage disease called Gaucher disease. Unwanted wastes, such as fatty substances, were building up in my…show more content…
Now a day, objects are more expensive than previous years. Thus, living in poverty is arduous for many. As per my current monthly budget, I do not have any source of income, for this reason my mother is helping pay for my expenses. For the poverty level and extreme level budget, I had a decent amount of money going towards the bus and metro transportation in order to get to places. In most cases, if I were living in poverty, I would not have the capability to afford a car nor a reliable one, thus transportation is crucial. Without the bus or metro, most individuals living in poverty would not be able to get anywhere. Additionally, living in food deserts makes it harder for individuals to get healthy groceries in order to receive the appropriate nutrients to fuel their bodies. Due to food deserts, I decided to put extra money towards my food and transportation expenses in order to
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