Socioeconomic Class Reflection

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I was born into lower socioeconomic class (SES). My parents migrated to the US from Mexico with nothing to build a better economic future. After several years, my mother became a resident and could work legally in the country to provide more for our family. We have faced financial uncertainties throughout my life, but now we have moved to lower middle class, where we have a roof over our heads and a meal to eat every day. I grew up in neighborhoods and had peers in my similar SES class, so I did not realize the extent of different classes in America since my community appeared to have similar resources, struggles, and way of life. When I lived in Mexico is when it came a little more to light, I considered myself a higher middle class there because I had the necessities, such as clean…show more content…
I realize the privilege that these individuals, and myself have, even if we aren’t in the same class exactly, but everyone can have a financial struggle and change class in some way. I think my marriage has helped shape my current view of those who are of different class. My wife came from a higher-class family where she had all her basic needs met and have a father that fully payed for her and her brother’s private education. I did not have this luxury and our backgrounds constantly clash, but now, we are in the same SES. I learned from her that even though she had the luxury of a stable home, meals, for example, her family still faced financial hardship, granted, it wasn’t the same, but by listening to her story, I realized that everyone goes through financial struggles, which was a concept that was difficult for me to grasp because of my background. My current thought of those in the same class is that things may be difficult and uncertain, but it is possible to overcome financial struggle with the right resources. I tend to think the opposite of the messages that are portrayed of lower class by believing that they need to work harder than everyone else to provide for
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