Socioeconomic Status, Health, Race, Ethnicity, And Health

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A social factor is something that impacts a lifestyle, such as family, wealth, or religion. Health is a vital factor in one 's life. Health is important because it is the condition of being free from illness or injury. According to Understanding Social Problems, " health problems are linked to lifestyle behaviors such as excessive alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking, unprotected sexual intercourse, physical inactivity, and unhealthy diet" (Mooney, 40). Health has many social factors, but there are three main ones that are really important. The first factor is Socioeconomic status. The second factor is Gender and Health. The last factor is Race, Ethnicity, and Health. As stated in Understanding Social Problems, " Socioeconomic status refers to a person 's position in society based on that person 's level of educational attainment, occupation, and household income." (Mooney, 40). Socioeconomic status affects one 's health in a various amount of ways. For example, people who do not earn a great amount of money are in lower socioeconomic status; which means the quality of their health care benefits are not as good a someone who has a high socioeconomic status. Without good health care, people are not able to get the proper treatment they need to be healthy. Reported by Understanding Social Problems, " In the United States, low socioeconomic status is associated with higher incidence and prevalence of health problems, and lower life expectancy" (Mooney, 40). This is
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