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Related Literature Paragraph: Socioeconomic Status Socioeconomic status is the economic and sociological measure of an individual work experience and social position of an individual or family in relation to business, education level and occupational status. Socioeconomic status is categorized into three types: high, middle and low socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic status can have an impact to the individuals’ well-being and health. Having a high socioeconomic status can be a stress to an individual and with high socioeconomic status children can be affected to it because their parents will expect on them to get a high grades because their parents don 't want their children to be a shame and disgrace to the family. Many scholars consider that socioeconomic status is the most important and fundamental factor responsible for academic success (Coleman 1996; Duncan 2005). Parents with high socioeconomic status can affect the children’s academic performance and behavior. Many research studies have shown that socioeconomic status can influence the children to be an academic achiever. Low socioeconomic status has negative effect on the academic achievement of the student because it is the obstruction to access to very important resources and creates tension and stress at home (Eamon 2005; Jeynes 2002). Students have low socioeconomic status show poor result and poor academic performance because there is no high expectations to meet and their parents is not a high profile. Socioeconomic status that causes parental pressure can have a negative impact on the…show more content…
Parental Overaspiration This review focuses on the difference between the Parental Aspiration and the Parental Overaspiration this is brought by the parents to their children. This review also focuses to know the effects of such actions that are brought to them. The main topic of the study is the effects of parental aspiration and parental overaspiration to the

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