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The discipline of sociology can be defined as the study of society. It is a teaching that engages individual to critically analyze the social world. Sociologist like Emile Durkheim and Karl Marx viewed the world through the use of a macro perspective, but there were other sociologist like Weber, who views society through a micro perspective, meaning that he looks at culture, beliefs, actions that people take on in everyday life. Upon analyzing social stratification, Weber concluded that there exist three types of groups: class, status groups, and parties. Although in contemporary society, we often times use the first two terms interchangeably, there is a difference between the class and status groups. A person’s class is mainly determined…show more content…
The concept coined by Weber can be described as a way of obtaining control of every facet of life (Weber, 1995, p. 163). In the movie “Medically Enhanced Humans”, the speaker explains how much technology and science has allowed us to gain more control. For instance, in contemporary society, we try to control aging through cosmetic surgeries like Botox (Medically Enhanced Humans, 2015). This demonstrates not only how humans strive to obtain control in things that are just natural. Likewise, when a person begins to organize and classify things, they are engaging in the process of rationalization (Weber, 1995, p.163). The aforementioned film illustrates that the medical field is no stranger to the aforementioned concept. For example, people with short attention span are classified as having attention deficit disorder, and often times they are treated with medicine (Medically Enhanced Humans, 2015). This example not only demonstrates the process of trying to obtain control, but it also demonstrates the fact that everything is becoming pathologized. Furthermore, to be constantly involve in rationalization leads to a state of disenchantment, meaning that individuals think that they are capable of obtaining total control of life, which evidently leads us with a world filled with artificiality. Taking the previously mentioned example, Botox hides a person’s true age, hence it becomes…show more content…
Weber denotes three forms of dominations, traditional, bureaucratic and charismatic. The charismatic leader consists of somebody who embodies supernatural or god-like qualities (Weber, 1995, p.226). Charismatic authority figures often have a mission that many consider as heroic or divine (Weber, 1995, p. 227). People need to believe in the mission, in order for this type of authority figure to be successful (Weber, 1995, p. 227). The motion picture “American Commune-The Mundo Sisters Go Home to Revisit America’s Largest Socialist Experiment” demonstrates charismatic leadership. For example, the authority figure is clearly a charismatic one, as many have decided to renounce the world they live in and opted to live in the commune (Mundo & Croshere, 2013). This is clearly states that the people strongly believed in the leader’s mission since the commune was successful for a

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